5 Reasons Why Rum is the New Gin

1. Pirates drink rum, and pirates are awesome.

Arrrr! Drink up me hearties! Let’s kick things off with the obvious reason.

Cornish pirates have plundered our coastlines for centuries, their ships and smuggling tunnels littered and lined with bottles of the fermented sugar cane liquor. Many a festivity and brawl were fuelled by this golden spirit, and these Cornish booty Click to read

If you love Gin, you need to read this!

Everyone’s favourite pink pub is now home to an entirely Cornish selection of over 20 different varieties of mother’s ruin – all lovingly distilled and bottled around the county.


The rise in craft gin shows no sign of slowing down – we have ventured to the furthest reaches of Kernow to bring you back the most sought after concoctions; Click to read