Here’s how you should spend Valentine’s Day in Cornwall

So many people decide that Valentine’s Day is nothing more than corporate marketing designed to make money from people forced to show how much they love their other half, on one particular day of the year.

Well, the above may be true, but why not celebrate? It’s an excuse to draw breath in your busy life and spend some quality … Click to read

10 Things Every Cornish Person Will Understand

You are probably aware that here at the Bowgie Inn, Crantock we’re very proud to be Cornish. We love our little corner of the world with all our hearts and it struck us the other day that there are certain things that are unique to our Duchy that only another Cornishman could understand! Like only feeling truly happy when you … Click to read

5 Reasons NOT to have a Dry January



Humans throughout history have enjoyed wine and ale. The world’s greatest empires were created under the influence of alcohol and we’d even go as far to say that the most important decisions ever made were fuelled by a tipple of some sort. That’s why we think ‘Dry January’ is a bad idea. We’re not saying go crazy but … Click to read