3 of The Best Cornish Walks to get you in the Festive Spirit

Here at the Bowgie Inn Crantock we think the best way to feel the festive spirit is to walk. Trust us on this, walking around Cornwall this time of year is extra magical, and with plenty of seasonal activities going on all over the county we really and truly recommend that this December you put your boots on and walk … Click to read

Light up a Life – Cornwall Hospice Care

We are hosting a unique event on behalf of Cornwall Hospice Care on 10th December, inviting people to remember those who are no longer with us, with a celebration service called Light up a Life.

As part of our ongoing support for Cornwall Hospice Care, we feel very proud to be holding an evening of remembrance. This time of year, … Click to read

5 Facts About Gin That Will Surprise You

The first fact we are about to reveal is this; we like gin.

We know what you’re thinking – that’s not surprising.
We agree.
That’s why it’s not one of our five main facts because they will surprise you.
They aren’t so surprising that you’ll fall off your chair or anything, but they may cause the odd raised eyebrow here … Click to read