Cornwall or California?

There is a debate raging across the globe about where you’ll find the best beaches; Californian beaches with the Pacific Ocean lapping at their shores or Cornish beaches with Atlantic waves washing over the sands.

Obviously here at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock we are firmly in the Cornish camp and we believe the beaches of Cornwall are the best in … Click to read

5 Things About Cornwall That Will Blow Your Mind

Your mind needs blowing. Trust us. Here are 5 things that we hope will have the desired result. Keep reading for some serious head wafting.

1. What does the Cornish Flag Represent?

You’ll often see the black and white Cornish Flag fluttering in the breeze across our great county. It is called St Piran’s Banner and it takes inspiration from … Click to read

Why you Need a Bowgie Sunday Roast in your Life.


Sunday is a day to be selfish.

Think about it; all week you have been working hard, doing things for everyone else and supressing your inner desires.

Your head space has not been occupied by the thoughts you wanted to think, your mouth hasn’t been saying the words it wanted to say (which in most cases is probably a … Click to read