Are You Brave Enough To Take On The Sea?


The sun may be shining and you are feeling the warmth of summer approaching but it appears that no one has told the sea it’s time to heat things up.

It is so warm on the beach you may feel brave enough to walk along the sand without your coat or you may even feel it’s tropical enough to … Click to read

10 Reasons Why Crantock is The Best Beach

We heard someone say the other day that they weren’t sure if Crantock was the best beach. As you can imagine this made us choke on our pasty, spill our cider and fall off our chair backwards Obviously that person is a fool, but just in case that foolishness is catching and you too aren’t fully convinced that Crantock is … Click to read

5 Things to Do This May Half Term

Wow! Can you believe it’s almost May Half term already? It seems like only yesterday the kids were off for easter. But don’t panic if you’ve not yet made plans for the holidays The Bowgie Inn Crantock are on hand with a few suggestions to make sure you have a fun-filled, memorable week!

Get out there and Explore Crantock.

Kids … Click to read

Trust Us – The Ale And Cider Fest is Worth the Wait

Let’s hear your shout ‘ALE’
Holler out ‘Cider’
Give us a ‘F’ ‘E’ ’S’ ’T’
…and what have you got?
The Ale and Cider Festival at The Bowgie Inn of course!

Here at the Bowgie we’re so excited we’re already making up cheerleading chants even though its another 3 whole months away; that’s an agonising 90 day wait.
It’s a … Click to read

This is Why You Should Bring Your Camera to Cornwall This Month.


May is photo month and as it is also a month crammed full of bank holidays, weekends, voting days and school holidays there isn’t much time left for things like ‘work’. Therefore, here at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock we suggest you book annual leave immediately, grab your camera (and your flip flops) and head off down to Cornwall’s beautiful … Click to read