5 Reasons Why Crantock Should be Your Favourite Beach

Cornwall has over 400 beaches but of all the beaches we think Crantock is the best.
Many of you reading this will wholeheartedly agree with us and will already be very vocal in proclaiming the fact that Crantock is your favourite beach not just in Cornwall, but in the whole wide world.
However, for those of you who are uncertain, … Click to read

5 of our Favourite Cornish Dog Walks

We think doggies are brilliant. We also think walking is brilliant so imagine our excitement to be discussing one of our favourite things in the world….. DOG WALKING!!!!

We are so excited we might just burst. So whilst our ‘eeeeek levels’ are off the chart, we thought it would be good to channel this energy into sharing 5 of our … Click to read

10 Secrets of A Cornish Person

It’s no secret that Cornwall is the most beautiful place on the planet. It’s also no secret that Cornwall is inhabited by the most beautiful people on the planet too; just look at us lot here at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock, for proof!

However, us Cornish Folk do have a few secrets of our own and because we consider you … Click to read

How Much do you Need a Holiday?

Sometimes you really need a holiday. Like seriously, totally and utterly. This is quite a regular need in the lives of most humans. Something else that happens, albeit very rarely, is the feeling of not needing a holiday. This more rare state of being usually occurs during (or immediately after) a holiday and it is often very short lived.

If … Click to read