10 Memes to Make You Laugh

Christmas has been and gone, you didn’t get that expensive present you wanted, you’ve eaten your weight in left over turkey and now you are just counting down the hours until your New Year Celebrations. There is no doubt about it; the mood between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day can be somewhat flat.

To remedy this, we’ve collated 10 … Click to read

3 Hot Chocolate Recipes To Get You Through Winter

It’s seriously cold now and we realise it’s getting some of you sun lovers a little bit down in the dumps. At The Bowgie Inn, Crantock we believe ‘down in the dumps’ is an unacceptable state of being. That’s why we have put together below possible cures for your winter blues. Our cure comes in a mug, it’s warm and … Click to read

Anyone for a Cheeky Vugga?

Here at the Bowgie we like to think of ourselves as connoisseurs when it comes to Cornish ales. Thats why we have loads of the stuff on tap.
Pale, to red to blonde and more theres something to satisfy the needs of every single one of our ale drinking customers. We made our customers so happy with the superb choice … Click to read

10 Christmas Hacks to Make Life Easier

Christmas is brilliant but we do over complicate it don’t we? If we had a pound for every time we heard someone at this time of year say ‘Oh I’m so Stressed’ we would have quite a lot of pounds be now.

So… to alleviate the stress we have found 10 super hacks that will make your Christmas easier. Take … Click to read

5 Christmas Trees We Wish Were Our Idea

We love Christmas. We really really LOVE it. But it can get a bit ‘samey’. We hear the same songs on repeat for a whole month, we eat the same food, we wear the same jumpers, we decorate our houses with the same decorations and we all put our gifts under the same old tree.

We thought it would be … Click to read