Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Come to Cornwall This Winter

Don’t bother coming to Cornwall this time of year.
It’s utterly rubbish.

The views are disgusting.

It’s the most ugly, uninspiring corner of the world. Especially Crantock. Just take a look at these pictures if you don’t believe us:
justin collingeCrantock-10_Adam GibbardVan Jones

The food is pitiful.

I mean just look at this! Have you ever seen anything so unappetising?
Bowgie June 2016-199Bowgie June 2016-21IMG_8330
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How To Stay In Cornwall on a Shoestring

Fancy a trip to Cornwall but you’re all spent out? Never fear, the team from The Bowgie Inn, Crantock, are here to provide a list of super cheap places to stay… especially if you have a camper van!

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5 Bowgie Meals That Will Turn You Vegetarian

We thought we would do our bit to promote the benefits of vegetables.

Vegetables are nice. As a child you probably turned your nose up at your leafy greens or parsnips but as an adult, you know that every mouthful does your insides some good… and actually, they taste good too.

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5 Mind-blowing Hot Chocolate Recipes You Have To Try!

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5 Places to Watch The Fireworks in Cornwall


Watching the fireworks is the bestest thing ever. It makes us feel like a happy five year old and to be honest, that is a good feeling. The colours, the noises, the lights, the bonfire and even the smell in the air makes this time of year so uniquely special and we can’t wait to watch a display or … Click to read