5 Amazing Places in Cornwall to take a selfie!

Humans used to be coy about public displays of vanity. They used to sneak a peak at their reflection in shop windows or very surreptitiously reapply lipstick whilst crouched under the table using the back of a spoon as a mirror. If they had to take a photo of themselves, it would be a really speedy snap without any retakes … Click to read

Why Cornwall Should be Your Favourite Place

There are many places in this world. Lots in fact. But your favourite place should most definitely be Cornwall. If you need convincing, here are 5 reasons why Cornwall should be your favourite place on Earth.

1. Every Visit Feels Like Your First.


There are so many places to explore and hundreds of beaches to discover, there’s something new … Click to read

If You’re Not Hungry Right Now, You Soon Will Be!

You may believe you aren’t hungry.
We’re here to inform you that information is incorrect. You ARE hungry; you just don’t know it yet.
All you have to do to prove our point is to scroll through the images below:

Bowgie June 2016-31


Bowgie June 2016-21

Yummy…. keep scrolling….

Bowgie June 2016-199


Mmmm. Just a little bit more….


jacket potato

Keep going ….

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 14.32.14

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 14.29.23

Sunday Roase

We believe the preceding¬†imagery is all it … Click to read

Are you More Addicted To Cheese or Chocolate?

Aaaah cheese. It’s lovely, tangy yellowness makes your mouth water. The mere thought of it is enough to make you weak at the knees and it’s ability to transform any meal into a comforting feast of joy.

Then there is chocolate. The velvety sooth, melt-in-your-mouth cocoa amazingness that has the magical power of creating happiness.

But which are you more … Click to read

5 Cornish Place Names You Won’t Believe Exist

Cornwall is renowned for its unequivocal beauty. The panoramic views, idyllic towns and beaches are world famous and we can’t think of any better treat for our eyes.

However, that beauty is purely visual. When it comes to Cornish place names, it’s a little more hit and miss!

Here are our top five favourite Cornish place names you won’t believe … Click to read

Our Top Ten Favourite Pub Jokes

The Bowgie Inn Crantock is a fun place to work. We get to meet so many funny, intelligent and interesting people from all over the country and they often have intriguing tales to tell. As you can imagine, we also get to hear many jokes. Some make us chuckle for days and some leave us confused with a furrowed brow … Click to read

Do you suffer with Hanger, or know anyone who does?

Bowgie June 2016-199Have you ever been so hungry it makes you angry?

Many of us suffer from this ailment. The combination of hunger and anger is called ‘Hanger’ and sufferers can be said to be ‘hangry’.

Sufferers of Hanger tend to be irrational. They tend to have a short fuse and lack an ability to concentrate on any given task. Symptoms of … Click to read

Taste Of The West Awards

If we asked you what the South West of England tasted like, some of you more literal types may say ‘salty and a little bit gritty what with all the sand’.

But of course, that’s not what we mean! The correct answer to ‘ What does the South West of England taste like?’ is…. (drum roll please)

US! YEP! US! … Click to read

What’s Your Cocktail Name?

Have you ever pondered reincarnation?
Have you have sat cross legged on a cliff top and considered coming back to this earth as a bird, a dolphin or a cocktail.
Yes, that’s right – we said cocktail.

We seriously just asked you if you have ever considered being a cocktail. We have – and we implore you to do the … Click to read