5 Things You need To Eat At The Bowgie


We get it. Decisions are hard. You have lots to decide on in life from what to wear, where to go, what song to listen to, how to style your hair, which member of 1D you like the best, which Netflix box set you’re going to watch next and so on.

So we know that when we present you … Click to read

Summer Holiday Survival Guide

Woo Hoo! It’s summer! No matter how old you are, you still enjoy that end of school summer feeling. The only difference is when you have your own kids that feeling is somewhat tainted by the knowledge you have to entertain them for the next 6 weeks. Eeeek! Trips to the supermarket are going to become even more difficult with … Click to read

Bowgie Bevvy


Here at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock. We love a classic Mojito. We love the taste, we love the look and we even love the word. It’s a Brazilian carnival you can sip through a straw and quite frankly nothing gets better than that.

Well…Almost nothing. In our opinion, this Blueberry Lavender Mojito pips it to the post. If a classic … Click to read

10 Car Games To Play When You Are Stuck on The A30


So it’s the Summer Holidays and every man woman and child in the country will descend on Cornwall – who can blame them? It is pretty spectacular.

However, that means the inevitable A30 traffic. You can never predict the speed at which it will move but you can guarantee you will get stuck there at some point over the … Click to read

What To Do With Left Over Wine

Here at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock, we have recently recovered from a terrible shock. The other day, we overheard some of our regulars discussing a shared problem; what to do with leftover wine.

This nearly made us choke on our cheese and onion crisps. “LEFTOVER WINE! WHAT IS THAT???” We yelled. Our regulars then calmly sat us down and explained … Click to read

5 Grunge Tunes That are Getting us Excited for Friday Night Revisited

We are getting so excited for Grunge Night. The throwback to our famous Friday nights in the late 80’s/ early 90’s which really have gone down in legendary status!
Like so totally excited we are already fighting the urge to mosh whenever we are in a crowd. So OK, it’s 20 years since Grunge was really big, and these days
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Have You Seen a Pub Garden Better Than This?

Everyone likes to sip a cool, crisp pint in the fresh air; it’s one of life’s simple pleasures which is why we love a beer garden. Which is why many of us have cut short a journey or made a detour in order to stop at a pub that specifically has a beer garden. However, most people don’t have high … Click to read

Cornwall or The Caribbean

Renowned for azure waters, golden sands and lush vegetation, the Caribbean presents itself as home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. But hold your horses just one minute…What about us??

Cornwall has exceptionally beautiful beaches and yes, they may have perfected jerk chicken but we’ve tried a jerk chicken pasty before which was very nice so … Click to read

5 Beach Items You Never Knew You Needed

Going to the beach is great. Fact. Carrying all the stuff you need is not so great. But unfortunately, stuff is most definitely needed. We’ve seen people go stuff-free. They stand there shivering after the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse as they wish they hadn’t left their towels and jumpers back at home. Then the same hatless, … Click to read