10 Beach Games You Have To Play This Summer

Being at the beach is the bestest thing in the world ever. Here at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock, we’ve found 10 games you can play next time you’re at the beach to make your time there even more enjoyable.

So what are you waiting for? Get playing!!!

1. Beach Bowling.


Dig holes of different sizes and roll balls towards … Click to read

Why Pink is our Favourite Colour

When painting the outside of our beautiful pub, we had the choice of a whole spectrum of colours.

Yes we could have gone with white, grey, beige or ‘greige’ and it would have looked very nice. However, it wouldn’t have made a statement. 

We wanted a colour full of personality…

A colour that demands attention…

A colour that likes a Click to read

Bowgie Bevvy Cookie Monster Cocktail

One of the best things about being a kid is eating chocolate biscuits, sweets and ice cream (in moderation of course).

We’re not talking about your basic pick and mix or a boring scoop of vanilla plopped in a bowl. We’re talking about the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kind of sweetie delights, we’re talking the knickbocker glories, ice cream … Click to read

Here’s How to be a Wine Expert

The difference between wine tasting and wine drinking is huge. Anyone can drink wine successfully…however, you need to learn how to taste it properly, especially when you are moving in a certain social circle.

Thankfully, here at the Bowgie Inn Crantock, we have put together a handy little wine tasting guide!!

Without further ado, here’s how to taste wine to … Click to read

Five Foods to Enjoy at The Bowgie This Weekend

So another weekend is on the horizon and you want this one to be a good one. We find that everything is improved endlessly by consuming food so we suggest you make this weekend even better by eating something here at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock! Whether you are a social eater, a steak muncher or a traditional roast kinda person, … Click to read

15,000 Facebook Likes!


This is a momentous occasion. One which deserves fan fairs, banners, a public holiday and most definitely a drink! 15,000 is a lot of people. It means there are 15,000 people out there who like what we do and what to be kept up to date with Bowgie News. 

If you Click to read

Mysterious Facts About Crantock

Imagine if you will, a wisened old Cornish man. This man has soft, white flowing hair and a long white beard. No he is not a hipster, he had his beard before it was cool. He is a knowledgeable prophet-like character. He is mysterious, wise and it wouldn’t surprise us if he partook in druid rituals.

Now imagine this man … Click to read