The Story of The Crantock Cave Carvings

cave carvings1

There are caves on Crantock Beach that reveal a secret at low tide. Within them is a beautiful carving of a woman’s face and an inscription that reads:

Mar not my face but let me be,
Secure in this lone cavern by the sea,
Let the wild waves around me roar,
Kissing my lips for evermore.

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Cookie or Crantock?

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5 Things which prove Humans and Animals are just the same

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10 Reasons to Get Really Excited for Summer!

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Why Cheese Lovers Love The Bowgie

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10 Facts for Everyone Who Loves Crantock

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WIN with The Bowgie this Easter!!!

It’s time for our FINAL Easter Competition and of course, it’s another good one! This week, we’re giving you the chance to win a £50 Bowgie Voucher to spend on whatever you fancy. You can treat your family to a weekend feast or if you’re feeling indulgent, spend it all on Prosecco or Champagne!

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