What’s Your Steak Face?

Steak appeals to our carnivorous side…just a whiff of a deliciously cooked steak brings out our basic animal instincts and enables us to throw our inhibitions to the wind. When our guard is down, our true emotions are visible. Under the hypnotic spell of tender cuts of steak, our faces speak a thousand words. When we look around the restaurant … Click to read

Plan your Cornish Easter Getaway!

With the Easter Holidays fast approaching, it’s time to plan a little Cornish camping getaway. Many people book their holidays months in advance…but many people don’t. If you are amongst the latter, don’t worry – so are we!

That’s why we’ve put together this blog to help you out if you fancy hooking up your caravan and taking a trip … Click to read

Here’s Why You Should Come To Crantock!

Some things are non-negotiable:

Mathematical laws such as the value of pi…
Haircare rules (the importance of which helped Elle Woods in Legally Blonde win her first court case)
The reasons you should come to Crantock!

All of the above are all non-negotiable truths. The value of pi is 3.14, always use conditioner, never shower on the day you’ve had

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