Things to Do at The Bowgie This Autumn

We love Autumn. We love the fresh mornings, we love the crimson leaves and we even love the weird, silent ‘n’ at the end of the word. We love that ‘n’ so much that we even considered changing our name to ‘The Bowgien Innn’ but then we decided that would be silly.

People think Cornwall is all about summer. How … Click to read

Kite Flying

The strong pull of the strings.
The surprising speed of the kite.
The twists.
The turns.
The inevitable fall to earth.
Kite flying is a pastime too few people have experienced.
All you need is a kite (obviously), a wide open space and a bit of wind is always useful.
Crantock is the perfect place for kite flying but we’d
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Whiskey or Rum anyone?

It’s an absolute, undisputed fact that all Cornish people have pirate blood in their veins. Every one of us is a descendent of Blackbeard, Redbeard or Bluebeard and in each of our grandmother’s loft there is an old tattered map that leads to hidden treasure. We instinctively enjoy the odd sea shanty, we are naturally drawn to parrots and we’re
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Friday Nights Revisited

Something has excited the Grunge community of Crantock (yes, Crantock is the beating heart of the Grunge world) and has even got the attention of Grunge fans from as far as St Ives and St Austell.

They have been growing their fringes over their eyes, they’ve ripped their jeans and painted their nails black.

Some former Grungers have even been … Click to read

September is here!

whats onAs we bid a lethargic farewell to a beautifully relaxed and slow-paced August, September jumps up and slaps us in the face bursting with energy like a playful puppy.

What with a seriously cool line up of live music over the last few weeks as well as the Ale and Cider Festival we hosted last weekend, we have done so … Click to read