Moor to Sea Challenge

We wanted to tell you about two very special women who passed away after suffering with the same cancers. Jane Longden and Joy Robinson  were great friends who shared so many happy times and memories and touched the lives of many people across our County.
Joy, who was born in Crantock, was regarded as a pillar of the community. She
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The Sound of Back to School

The start of September is a wonderful time. The kids are back at school with new shoes and new pencil crayons (probably still all of uniform height and arranged in rainbow order) and slowly order begins to return to your life.  It’s a good feeling isn’t it?!
At The Bowgie Inn, Crantock we are encouraging you to celebrate your regained
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Going Grunge for Friday Nights Revisited

Music was good in the nineties. We had platform trainers, choker necklaces and Britpop battles between Blur and Oasis. But that isn’t all. We’re not talking about the Spice Girls, Steps and S Club Seven, we’re talking about something moodier, something dirtier something with attitude.

We’re talking Grunge.

Bands like Garbage, Ash, Elastica and Feeder took inspiration from Grunge forefathers … Click to read

Funny Internet Stuff

The internet is a wonderful place. Yes all the world’s problems today seem to be blamed on the invisible internet beast but we think that’s more a user problem.

The internet itself is just brilliant… where else can you find endless pictures of cats doing funny things?

Where will any picture of you doing something regretful ever end up?

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Beach Safety

Be safe on the beach people. Simple as.

Nothing ruins a good holiday like a scary sea experience so know your flags.

Flags aren’t just decorative items erected to make our beaches look a bit more cheerful. They serve a vital purpose; to inform beach goers of what’s what.

Red & Yellow – Our favourite flag is the red and … Click to read

Slide for Charity! Chester City Slide – September 2015‏


We rarely feel the need to leave Cornwall. Even the mere thought of crossing the Tamar Bridge gives us palpitations. So you can see that it has to be something  extra-special to tempt us to cross the county line. 
You might be wondering what that ‘something extra special’ could be. 
Could it be a holiday? 
Nope. Holidaying anywhere other than
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Funny Names and Naughty Antics

Ever fancied a Ginger Tosser? Some of you look like you’d enjoy a Pheasant Plucker and others amongst you would benefit from discovering the Beast of Bodmin. We’re not being rude. Nor are we delving into the dark secrets of your love life. We are of course talking about some of the delicious Ales you can try at The Bowgie … Click to read

Ale Festival Music Line Up


That’s what most people seem to be saying when they see the live music line up for the Bowgie Inn Ale & Cider Festival on the 28th – 31st August.

It’s not really surprising when you see the bands we’ve booked to entertain you as you chow down on a pasty and knock back a pint of … Click to read