Guest Blog – Meet Ben Skinner

You have probably heard of Ben Skinner. He has surfed for Cornwall for 15 years now, winning a fair few celtic titles for Kernow along the way.
He rocks up at Crantock beach whenever the surf is worthy of his presence and we have to say, whenever we see him wading in we can’t help but feel excited. We would
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Happy Campers

Many of our visitors this time of year are  holiday makers who have chosen the worlds best destination to spend their jollies.
Some of them stay in local hotels, holiday parks and B and B’s…
others come with caravan in tow and others…… well, they camp.

when it comes to camping you belong to one of two er, camps.

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Guest Blog – Meet Jason Gray

Jason Gray (Grazy to his friends) is Cornish through and through. Cornishmen have a natural connection to the waves and Jason comes from a long line of sea farers; his great Grandfather was the first to sail into Charlestown harbour under an engine; so it will come as no surprise that Jason is a Surfboard Manufacturer for Skindog Surfboards (see
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The Prevention

We just thought we’d put a little blog together to let you know that during our Ale and Cider Festival  The Prevention are set to play here on Friday 28th August from 8pm.
There’s a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ about these guys that  seems to fill the room with excitement. maybe it’s the way they strum, maybe it’s the
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10 Things we Love about Cornwall

Dear Cornwall.

We want to tell you how much you mean to us and the best way to do that is to list the 10 things we love most about you.

  1. We love your golden sandiness…

Our darling Cornwall, your swathes of pale gilt beaches curl around your beautiful face inviting us to dip our toes into your grains of … Click to read

Bowgie Guest Blog – Meet Gerry Gillard

For this guest blog we approached someone very special to the Bowgie Inn Crantock to tell us a bit more about themselves.
The Bowgie’s Thursday Night Melting Pot has become somewhat of an institution and Gerry is the man to thank.
It’s his love of music and his approachable, encouraging nature that has allowed such a fantastic event to continue
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The Natalie’s are Coming!

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2001.75.2.3_655, Mon Sep 08, 2008, 1:48:44 PM, 8C, 7704×10002, (2818+1187), 133%, A.I. Basic, 1/30 s, R127.9, G101.8, B112.0

Imagine a band that plays pop, rock and indie covers so wide ranging and varied that their set really does have something for everyone….

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Celebrate Good Times With Us!

We think of the people of Cornwall as our extended family, which is why when It comes to hosting your important celebrations we pull out all the stops.
We want to be there for every milestone from birthdays, to anniversaries, engagements, births, exam results and anything else that deserves celebrating. Found your glasses down the side of the sofa? Got
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