The Big Sets to Play the Bowgie



As we join the world in grieving the loss of the legendary BB King, we have found Blues music has become much bluer.  It’s taken on a whole new meaning for us. It’s as if blues is the only music that understands us. Listening to it not only makes us want to dance but it makes us feel human … Click to read

Poldark Fever

Everyday hundreds of new cases are discovered and there’s no known cure.
Yep… Cornwall is in the grip of Poldark Fever alright, and the only thing to do is to submit to the symptoms.
Early signs of the infection involve a fascination with windswept curls and corsets but as soon as you feel the urge to call your next born
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Newquay Hockey Club Sponsorship

This year is the 50th year of Newquay Hockey Club which is why we are extra proud to be their sponsors again as they enter their 51st year.

The team are going from strength to strength and the determination of these ladies is just so inspiring.

We just love watching them play and there were several factors that … Click to read


For some reason the brilliance of dads doesn’t get as much coverage as the brilliance of mums.

Dads may argue that’s because they don’t moan about it as much as mums but we won’t go down that route in case our mum is reading this (and we don’t want to upset her).

We love the quiet brilliance of Dads. They … Click to read