Ben and Jerry’s Appreciation

There have been some tremendous pairings throughout history. Anthony and Cleopatra, Tarzan and Jane, John and Yoko to name but a few. We know that isn’t an exhaustive list and there are plenty of really cool couples we have omitted but we don’t want to over-complicate things too much. You see the simple fact is there is one pairing that … Click to read

Guest Blog – Meet Adam Griffiths

Meet Adam Griffiths AKA ‘Bearman’ (possibly the best nickname ever) who has been living in Newquay for 12 surf-filled years. He loves Crantock and enjoys a pint of Rattler cider which by our standards makes him around 90% Cornish.

Drawn to Cornwall by the call of the coast, he can often be found on Crantock (his favourite beach of course) … Click to read

National Sunglasses Day

Today is National Sunglasses day and it’s definitely our sort of day.


It means no makeup (in the region below the eyebrows and above the cheeks anyway)

It means we can pretend to be celebs and wear them inside as we keep a low profile and hide from the paparazzi.

It means we look infinitely cooler as soon as … Click to read

Company B

Just one month from now, on the 24th July Live Jump Jazz Band will be bring the sounds of the 1940’s to the Bowgie Inn Crantock and we cannot wait!

This eight piece big band come armed with sax, trombone, double bass, guitar, drum and impressive vocals but don’t let the military uniforms mislead you, these boys make music not … Click to read

National Trust Coastal Challenge Series

Whether you’re as fit as a fiddle or slow as a slug – it really doesn’t matter! Take part in a guided trail run for both novice and experienced runners along the coast path, across the beaches and sand dunes of Crantock and Holywell this Summer!

On Tuesday 11th August 7-9.30pm, the National Trust is holding #4 of its Coastal … Click to read

Crantock Bale Push 2015!

Surely one of our favourite events of the year, it’s the BIG Crantock Bale Push! Definitely one of Cornwall’s craziest fund-raising events, it is available for all to join on September 11th 2015 at Crantock Village.

Teams of four must push a straw bale – standing 4’6″ and weighing 420 lbs – around the village. The children’s races, using a … Click to read

Summer Solstice

There are lots of great days throughout the year…
Your birthday
Our birthday
Christmas (obviously!)
Bonfire night

but our absolute favourite day is The Summer Solstice… which is today!

We believe it’s all to do with energy. You see, being Cornish folk we are in tune forces not fully understood by many mortals.
If you aren’t sure what we … Click to read

Surprise Topless Triumph Meet

triumphYou may have noticed by now that here at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock we like classic cars.
We appreciate the curves.
We appreciate the quirky angles.
We love the roar of an engine and we’re a sucker for a restored original interior.
We are most definitely classic car petrol heads!
So imagine how we felt when scores of Triumph Car … Click to read

Guest Blog; Meet Minnow from The British Longboard Union

This is a momentous occasion.

We are rolling out the virtual red carpet and have arranged for cyber space’s finest marching band to perform.
THIS is internet history.
THIS is the first ever Guest Blog for the Bowgie Inn, Crantock.

So if you’re sitting comfortably we would like to begin…
Meet Robert Green, better known as ‘Minnow’ in these parts. … Click to read