Dog to Work Day

Imagine how great it would be to take your dog to work. With a few months of intensive pooch training you could have him fetching things from all over the office so you never need to leave your seat. You could train him to growl at anyone who is sending you bad vibes or extra work and if you are
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Classic Car Meets

 People with a classic car love an excuse to drive it. But even better than that, they love an excuse to show off their baby.
They polish, tune and tighten. They spend many late nights in their garages and under chassis with oily hands and spanner-related injuries. Why? It’s their passion.
It’s ours too! So what better place for like
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Crantock Biathlon

The Crantock Biathlon isn’t like other sporting events. It’s so chilled you may forget it’s competitive at all. This is athletics Cornish style.

From 7pm on Friday 3rd July competitors will undertake a 1.5km swim up the tranquil river Gannel followed by a 5km soft-sand Coastal run.

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Wall of Fame

Our Wall of Fame has proved tremendously popular and we have had the joy of seeing so many snap shots that we otherwise would never had the pleasure of seeing.
Such as these beauties….
natasha wall of fame      Bekki Chalmers

Now as May is National Photo Month we are hoping for a flood of more images to evoke memories and smiles for our wall of fame.… Click to read

Cornwall Business Awards

It used to be all about the Oscars. If you didn’t get an Oscar then a Bafta would do, but tonight there’s a new awards ceremony in town that puts all other award ceremony’s to shame…
that ceremony is the Cornwall Business Awards.

Tonight – the 14th May the stars above Cornwall will twinkle a little brighter as the best … Click to read

Now Serving Strawberry Pimms

We have an important announcement to make so we hope you are sitting comfortably…
so don your tennis whites, pop on a sweat band and get grunting your way to The Bowgie Inn, Crantock. Don’t worry, we won’t serve it with a tennis racket; that could be rather messy and probably would breach every single … Click to read

Steak not Stake

Recently we tried Saturday Stake Nights instead of Saturday Steak Nights.

It seemed ok at first. People were turning up  with large pieces of pointed wood and the bar stools were used by ‘Dragon’s Den’ style investors who were offering cash to Bowgie entrepreneurs  for a stake in their new business ventures… and we didn’t have any trouble with vampires.… Click to read

Thanks From K9 Crusaders

We recently received a letter of thanks from the doggies helped by K9 Crusaders. It read;

Woof woof woof pant grrrr yap yap.
Woof woof woof grrrr
Bow wow £165 sniff gggggggggggggrrrrowl
pant pant Grrrrrrrr Woooffff.


For those of you not fluent in dog  we will translate.

To all Customers at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock.
Thank you for helping … Click to read

Do a Bowgie Bank Holiday

We love May.

We even love how the word sounds.


May is full of promise, new beginnings, blossom and of course BANK HOLIDAYS!

You have probably realised by now, that barbeques are not obligatory. After last year’s dodgy batch of sausages and burnt burgers we thought you may like to know that here at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock, … Click to read