Sunday Roast at The Bowgie

We love that the weather is hotting-up but you must remember to maintain one Sunday tradition throughout the year whatever the weather.

Sunday Roasts are an essential part of summer. Well, we think so anyway and this is why.

We have all heard about tea’s magical ability to cool you down, so imagine the cooling effect of a whole roast … Click to read

Pie and Pint

PPOfferSome people say that star signs can tell you a lot about a person, but we think pie-ology is more accurate than any horoscope. A pie can reveal a whole lot more than stars. For example someone who chooses a steak and kidney pie is often strong minded and sensitive but with a stubborn streak whereas those who choose a … Click to read

The Bowgie Inn Ale Festival

Bowgie Ale Fest
Put your hand up if you like ale.
Put your other hand up if you like festivals.
Now wave both of your elevated arms around in a festival-goer-esque fashion  and put 28th – 31st August in your diary because you will love The Bowgie Inn Ale Festival.
Yes ok we appreciate you will have to stop waving your
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Marathon Money-Raisers

Around 250 tubs of petroleum jelly, 200 bottles of baby oil, 2000 plasters and 36000 adrenaline-pumped runners will be stood at the starting line of the London Marathon on the 26th April 2015.
All those hours choosing the perfect running shoe and the sportiest of sunglasses was for this very moment.
The point?
Raising money; a quarter of a billion
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Afternoon with Andy Marshall the 1940’s Crooner

On the 17th of May get your victory rolls at the ready, don your trilbys and get set for an Afternoon with Andy Marshall the 1940’s Crooner from 15.30 – 18.00.



The lovely people at St Michaels Lodge have organised for Andy Marshall to be at the Bowgie Inn Crantock to raise money for Cornwall Hospice Care. He’ll
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Now Serving Grolsch

Now you have discovered that ‘the dress’ was blue and black after all, your perception of the world has altered.

You don’t trust your eyes anymore.

I mean, is Guinness really blue and gold?

What if up is really down and left is really right?

We understand how you feel. We understand that your life has fallen apart and all … Click to read

Out and About

You may be heading down to Cornwall with a blank itinerary just waiting to be filled with Cornish fun. Well that’s where we step in. Our website has a list as long as your arm of things to do, places to go and people to meet under the ‘out and about’ section.
It is true that we would rather you … Click to read

Andy Marshall, the 1940’s Crooner

Enjoy a civilised Sunday afternoon at The Bowgie on Sunday 17th May, between 3.30pm – 6pm, with Andy Marshall (The 1940’s Crooner!)

Tickets are £7.50 and available at the bar or from Crantock Post Office. We will also be providing light refreshments!

Organised by St Michael Lodge Newquay, in support of Cornwall Hospice Care.

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April Fools’ Day

April the 1st, we all know what that means… it means you will be checking your car for kippers, checking the toilet seat for cling-film and every chair for a whoopee cushion. You’ll be looking at your back in the mirror to remove any ‘kick me’ signs and you will be extremely cautious of answering any withheld number phone calls … Click to read